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Session 17

Deep within the Necropolis, the Lich King demands that Mrrurrr justify using necromancy to thwart Jericho Xoth. She argues that her duty is to maintain the balance between life and death, not to serve the King; he scoffs at the notion of ‘duty’, but agrees that she’s not his subject. He produces the ghost of Xoth, then states that he has no interest in fate magic or The Black Meridian, which were relics of his living days, and begins to devour Xoth’s soul as punishment for his assumptions!
Horrified, Mrrurrr ask the King to show mercy; he agrees, but only if Mrrurrr journeys into the Stone Thief to meet his agent, the Flesh Tailor, and gather information about how to take control of the living dungeon. She pushes back, demanding more in return; the King agrees that he won’t claim the souls of her and her friends, but they don’t quite seal the deal. He lets her leave, telling her that he’ll be in touch to negotiate further…

At the Ring a’ Rosie, Max, Saga and Burrum identify a smuggler, the goblin Jezar Velouri, who might be able to supply them with Dire Wood truffles. Before Max can head out to contact him, or Saga can search for the missing bard Petra, a halfling postman arrives with a message for Tibié – or rather, to draw a summoning circle through which the real messenger can arrive. A portal opens and a grotesque creature comes through – a giant floating eyeball with a huge fanged mouth, terrifying to behold! It erratically introduces itself as the Imperial Postmaster Specific, and asks for ale and raw chickens while Tibié attends to the actual message – a crystal ball through which speaks the Archmage, the most powerful wizard in the Empire!
The Archmage complements Tibié on her thesis but then gets down to brass tacks – what the hell was she thinking, unleashing The Black Meridian and its ancient crew upon the current Age! He wants to know if she has learned forbidden fate magic, what her plans are for the flying warship, and in general if she is an evil wizard who needs to be eaten by the Postmaster and its anti-magic eye. Tibié argues that she and her friends stopped the Lich King from reclaiming the Meridian, that she hasn’t learned fate magic (or at least hasn’t mastered it) that she’s not evil, no matter what Horizon University’s ethics panel might say, and also hey how about this Stone Thief business, isn’t that more important? The Archmage accepts her argument and says to use the crystal ball to contact him if she learns more about fate magic or is tempted to turn evil. As for the Stone Thief, he’s heard rumours of a cult that worships the living dungeon, but historical records are scanty because the great library of Quillgate mysteriously vanished back in the 12th Age – as if it was swallowed up by the earth itself…

The Archmage signs off but the Postmaster remains, quaffing poisoned beer with no ill effects as Mrrurrr returns from her adventure. She tells the others of her meeting, and Saga is extremely perturbed that she made a deal with the lord of the undead. The heroes decide to focus on the immediate problems of the Prince’s Pubquest, rather than the threats of Icons and their agendas. They decide to steal some beer from whoever poisoned Rosie’s Imperial Pilsner, and Max recalls similar poisonous roots growing around the back entrance of Snakeoil, down in the smugglers’ tunnels beneath the town. Before they can leave, the tipsy Postmaster asks if it can hang out with them and experience the Festival, as it doesn’t have any cool friends like them in this dimension, and they quickly come up with a plan.

Max and Tibié escort the Postmaster to Snakeoil, where it draws all eyes (ahem) as it gobbles down absinthe and wobbles around the dancefloor. They’re greeted by the club’s owners, the provocative and edgy dark elves Sinead and Patrice, who seem thrilled to meet the infamous Max Power – although they also promise to murder him (in provocative and edgy ways) if he tries to steal from them! Meanwhile, with everyone in the club distracted, Mrrurrr and Saga sneak in through the tunnels to steal a barrel of Snakeoil’s famous apple scrumpy. They work together, blending physical skill with necromantic power, and Saga starts to become more comfortable with Mrrurrr as an ally and friend.
With the others away, Tibié magically brings up the lights in the club, making everything and everyone look less provocative and edgy; the dark elves shoo everyone out in response. The adventurers escort the drunken Postmaster back to its dimensional tunnel, then get a good night’s sleep so that they’re ready to face the next set of Pubquest challenges.

And to break the bad news to Pharos’ mother…


Yay, doom! ;P

Icons & Infamy
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