Castiel Rook

SEXY civil engineer with mysterious emotional powers


Aasimar Paladin 3

One Unique Thing
I am an aasimar, a race born of a forgotten entity from another Age. I am not aware of my lineage but the gods are.
Icon Relationships: The Priestess – positive 1; The Crusader – conflicted 1; The Diabolist – negative 1
Backgrounds: Empathic Awakening +3; Santa Cora Engineering Corps +3; Skykour +2

Ability Scores: STR 16, CON 14, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 16
Defences: AC 24, PD 15, MD 15; Max HP 50, Max recoveries 8, recovery roll 3d10+2
Heavy weapon (halberd) +6, 3d10 +3 on hit, 3 on miss
Range weapon (crossbow) +5, 3d6 +2 on hit, 0 on miss
Smite +10, 3d10 +3 + 1d12, 1/2 damage on miss

Powers & Talents

Halo Your inner light shines forth and forms a protective shield of shimmering light.
Smite You tap into the emotional fabric of the cosmos and channel it into the destruction of your foes.
Bastion You are a mighty defender of your allies. You feel what they feel and take their pain.
Divine Domain: Empathy You turn your empathic power to disable an enemy or embolden an allies attack.
Invocation of Empathy (Daily) Physical manifestations of emotional energy harry your enemies movement
Path of Universal Righteous Endeavour
You have the favour of the gods of light…and the gods of dark watch closely.
Reach Tricks You are lithe and strong and your reach weapon is an extension of your self. You perform a stunt with your weapon your enemy never expected.

Magic Items

Armour of Splendour +2 AC; Any enemies engaged with you take –2 to attack your allies.
Quirk: Fastidious about clothing and gear.


Castiel Rook

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