Necromancer who lives between two worlds


Mrrurrr is very thin and sickly, has black and scraggly fur, some of her whiskers are singed and curled, and she has pale green watery eyes. Her tail has a kink in it and is missing some fur. She has black and tattered robes. She has a pale green orb for her spells with scratches and dull patches over the surface but it glows deep in the centre.

(Character portrait by Tank Monsternova:


Mrrurrr is from a lineage of graveyard alleykin who have lived in the Necropolis for many Ages. Her lineage is connected to the space between Life and Death, and she can perceive the comings and going across that space.

Having lost too many of her nine lives to the darkness, Mrrurrr has left the Necropolis to find out why the line between life and death is becoming increasingly unbalanced. Will she find some answers in Shadow Port, or just ghosts and distractions?

She has a skeletal bone crow called Crarr and is followed around by a ghost cat called Zeekiel. Summoning skeletal hands out of the ground is one of her favourite things to do.


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